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No matter what type of breed you are looking for, there are a number of steps you should put in place before purchasing a puppy.



Think about it- its a large outlay so you need to be sure you are getting the best.

Reputable breeders encourage visitors - as they wish to meet you before deciding on whether or not to sell you and your family a puppy. It is also good practice to check out the sire and the dam if possible, the dam will be there,  but occassionally the sire may reside with others.

The breeders dogs should be white and clean and in good condition with no evidence of skin problems, fleas etc. The dogs should be either in the home or well housed in clean tidy kennels.With clean tidy surrounds.

If you cannot visit the breeder as you live too far away (interstate etc) you should attempt to get references from past purchasers.If none can be obtained - you should make a positive decision to move on. 

You will pay the same amount of money for a puppy no matter who you buy your pup from - whether it is a reputable breeder who shows their dogs or a puppy farmer who breeds just for money. Remember if the breeder does not show their dogs - then the question must be asked - "why do you breed".?

The show ring is the only true bench mark for quality. Any breeder can say their dogs are show quality but unless they actually show - how can they quantify this? - they cannot.

If you would like more information we are only too happy to help out -we give our advice freely.  To anyone who is seeking a happy healthy Westie, we are also happy to supply a list of names of reputable breeders around Australia.



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